“_____ Goals” 

I had a conversation with my partner about the recent turn of events with your local “hipster” trends. The new trend is wanting what someone else has. Want what someone else has instead of truly enjoying what’s for you. 

Relationship goals, best friend goals, closet goals, even life goals have become the newest phrase to slide off the tongues of people who find the lives, possessions and relationships of others more appealing than their own.

Now, my partner quickly refuted my claims and assured me that people don’t think as deeply into the phrase as I do. A lot of times they want what appears on the surface. She stated that she interpreted it as more like a phrase of admiration. After careful consideration I see how one could hold such an opinion and I don’t dispute it as a possibility either.

However, I see it to be a rather ungrateful phrase. A phrase of envy and ignorance. Ignorance in the sense that we know not the struggle of the next man or woman even if pictures tell us a happy story.

One man or woman’s struggle often comes at a costly price. Through adversity comes reward. But again, some people may not be thinking about what’s behind those Facebook and Instagram pictures of happiness.

To those people I say admire what is yours. Appreciate what is yours. And if and when you see something worth admiration, strive for it with the intent to perfect it for you, yourself and your situation. The best life is the one you are living. Sometimes what we want doesn’t want us or isn’t for us. Sometimes us wanting it doesn’t mean we should have it. 

“No such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” -J. Cole