If it ain’t one thing it’s anotherĀ 

“If it ain’t one thing it’s another”
The phrase that speaks volumes about destruction that takes place when you feel like you’ve taken one step forward only to be knocked two, three or four steps back flat on your ass with dusty back pockets. 

I’m the unlucky gal currently sitting on the ground with dusty pockets. No worries, I’ll be dusting myself off come the end of the week but right now I can’t help but to dwell on my list of unfortunate events. The purpose of this post is to give myself a pep talk and to possibly lift the spirits of anyone who might read this. 

In life people always stress how unimportant money is. “It can’t buy love, memories” etc. well dammit money sure can do a whole lot of other things that makes all of those topics possible. And it sure does become a factor when you don’t have enough to take care of what seems to be simple necessities in life. I’m a broke college poet. I work full time and go to school full time and I never have money. I know plenty of people who can relate to that. But I’m okay with being broke as long as my bills are paid. It’s the mishaps that come up when I have no money and the bills are paid that seem to sit just a little uncomfortably with me. For instance, I paid all of my bills early this month. This week I’m broke with just enough for lunch and gas. And then, the car breaks down.

There I was this morning sitting on the side of the boulevard. Across from a smoking vehicle MATHIS. Gravel under my shoes and ants attempting to crawl all over me. Of course I was upset because I’m still on a probationary period for my new job and I have school later tonight. Not to mention I am supposed to work overtime tomorrow and have class again at night as well. Needless to say I’m a busy woman but nothing gets done if I don’t have a car. And the car doesn’t get fixed if I don’t have the funds. 

Sounds like a lot of complaining but actually I’ve looked on the bright side of all this. I work and go to school and needed a day off. The extra shifts this week will cover my current call out. And I’m using the day to complete home errands and write. Which for me is what I hope will lead me to some money eventually. So, personal time equals more writing. Writing equals full blog, more content and a happy me! 

The energy in the world has a very mysterious way of working itself out but nothing is ever ALL BAD. And if it is, it’s not for long.