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My first time

I’ve been long gone from both of my blogs for a good amount of time. I graduated, switched jobs, and went back to school. And while all of that was going on I managed to perform at a spoken word event, which is what this blog is centered around. 
I figured with going back to school and all the writing I’m being forced to do I should squeeze in some therapeutic writing as well. So, here I am. I’m taking a poetry course this semester and during our first session today we did a free write. You sit and write for about 5-10 mins and don’t think. You simply write what ever comes to mind with no regard for spelling or grammar. Choosing a prompt helps. 

Our prompt was : An intense feeling I had recently. Many who know me or follow this blog know I love words, reading, writing and poetry. But as I mentioned I had the wonderful opportunity to perform. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was also my first performance. Here’s my free write on that night. 

An intense experience I had recently was performing at a spoken word event. The whole hour leading to my name being called, I was nervous. My palms were sweating and I kept hoping that soon my gf and I would get up and leave. I kept listening and the more I heard from other performers the more I hated the piece I was going to perform. I didn’t feel worthy (We are all our toughest critic). After someone would finish I felt tremendous anxiety fill my being as I hoped that my name wouldn’t be next. Finally, it was. My body felt empty but heavy and the room was silent. I recited my Instagram name the way I had practice and said “follow me”. first line of my piece and the rest effortlessly spilled from my lips with the most emotion I had ever felt. The crowd was snapping and whispering and the moment was euphoric and orgasmic. The last line was spoken and I felt as light as a feather. MY LEGS WERE SPAGHETTI BUT IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING. ALMOST ROMANTIC. I can’t wait for the next date. I had never recanted that night on paper and as I wrote it those same shifts in weighted feelings and energy came back to me. Body hot and fiery! 

Once we reach the time limit we were asked to choose 1-2 lines that stuck out to us. That would be the above words in all caps. The goal is to combine everyone’s stand out lines into a poem which the professor will jumble and hand back to us so that we can create a poem of our own. A “found” poem. This exercise was awesome. Because looking at that line alone is poetry to me. I think I could really make this a daily thing. 

Nice catching up. Until next time… Peace