90s baby 

At my age I’m what many people would call a 90s baby. The generation of real RnB and nickelodeon when it was at its peak. The 90s were the greatest years of my life and the lives of most of my peers. No true responsibilities, no bills, no politics and penny candy was still a thing along with 25 cent bags of chips. One thing that I realize about the 90s is how straight forward the music was. The lyrics to some of my favorite songs were as simple as my life back then. Love songs were exactly that. There was no misconstruing a man’s confession of love because he blurted out the word “bitch” when he said it. I can’t say the same for half the stuff on the radio today. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to some of the new age RnB but 90s music is the true definition of feel good music… for me at least. Make me a 90s playlist and put it on repeat.