I wrote a book. Check it out!

During my senior year at University my creative thesis was a new series of children’s books. I have since tossed those books to the side. I have always been passionate about the concept and ideas behind my books but until tonight I have done nothing about it. Tonight I took the initiative to publicly publish and make available my very first try at creating books.

Considering my college student budget and lack of extreme time I will say that these books could not have been more perfect. I did not use a professional illustrator and didn’t feel the need to. I didn’t go back into my originals of the book and make any changes because I’ve decided that I will add to the series. These first set of amateur books that will be available are a way for me to mark and track my progress as a writer, author, and creator.

Any support with my endeavors will be greatly appreciated! You can purchase the book from my writer page:


Money for memories 

This past weekend I found myself in the mall admiring and buying expensive memories. My partner recently celebrated a birthday and I wanted to gift her some jewelry that would not only mark the new age but show my appreciation to her. As we walked past the casings of diamond, gold and silver most of it seemed reasonably priced.

But I found myself hopelessly gasping at the prices for the gifts that were specifically listed as memory collections. There were your typical lockets, rings, and charm bracelets. Anything gold ran well over $1200 dollars. I started realizing that people are paying $100 for a single charm or clip to a bracelet. All of this money in the name of love, family, friendship and memories.

People often say that when something comes to an end whether it be relationships, friendships or a life, all we have left are the memories. Those memories aren’t always good memories but the ones that are we like to preserve though keep sakes.

Is there a limit to what we’ll spend? Personally I have a limit. The memories I want to keep are embedded into my mind. I don’t need anything materialistic to remind me. It’s nice but not necessary. I would much rather take the money and spend it on new memories. That being said I’ll probably be taking my partner on a trip for her next birthday so that we can make new memories that we’ll both be able to hold on to and keep. 

One Nation Under Black

Often we refer to our second coming or our second wind as the rebirth. We constantly hear about how something needs to be remade or redone. This weekend I saw ‘The Birth Of A Nation’ and indeed it did reflect what so many of us know and what so many others wish to deny. A nation built by the ancestors of our brothers and sisters. A nation that reflects the true Queen and King status of each and every one of us. 

As brothers and sister we stand side by side with one another and face to face with adversity. 

She bore us all. Brown skin of all shades, strong bones and tough hair. Kings and Queens from birth. We built and grew a land all our own. We had become one with our land and others grew jealous. With force and weapons they stole what has always been ours. With shackles upon our feet and whips across our backs we continued to preserve and make beautiful the land that they said did not belong to us. Slavery was determined to be a weakening of the black mind, body, and spirit. But not all. Some ran through dark forests and swam through treacherous waters to escape the devastation that had fallen upon them and their families. Running not only for freedom but for inspiration. With the intent to encourage others to see that hope is as real as night and day. She bore us. And with our birth came the birth of a nation. We need not be reborn for we have always existed.  

Success loading…

In August I got a job that required me to almost always work 7 days a week for 8-12 hours a day. I was exhausted everyday but I had never seen my bank account look so good. I was making and saving so much money that I no longer had to do the shameful login to my mobile banking app on Monday morning after a weekend of spending. The fact that I was able to save hundreds of dollars each time I got paid kept me from continuously complaining about how sleepy and over worked I was.

About two and a half months in the contract for my position was negotiated and we were awarded a raise. However, the supervisors began to treat the staff like slaves. And looking back I’m sure they had always treated us that way but money had kept me blinded. I didn’t want to complain but going into the third month I started to feel like I was selling my soul. I talked to my coworkers in my office and other offices and they too shared my feelings. I felt like less of a human and I felt under appreciated for all of the work I had been contributing.

I found another job and put in my two weeks. Although the money was good I had a goal to become a teacher. I had to make a decision on whether I wanted to follow my passion and take a major pay cut or continue being over worked and well paid. I choose to continue my path to become a teacher.

Every week that I get my paycheck I’m extremely dissatisfied. I’m not saving as much nor making as much as I did a few months ago. This situation I’m sure happens to so many people. Where we come to a point that we have to choose whether to be successful in terms of making a ton of money or being successful in a way that means something to us. I chose the latter. As crazy as it sounds being successful for me isn’t a union job with great negotiations of pay and benefits. My definition of success looks like reaching the goals that I set and feeling well worth the work that I do. On my road to becoming a teacher I already feel that this sacrifice of money has been worth it. I have a classroom of young boys who I absolutely adore and who I feel benefit more from my presence than I could have ever imagined. My road to teaching is far from over but I’m glad that I chose my version of success for right now.

Why is it that so many people are forced to chose between doing something they love and doing something that pays well? I miss the money but I damn sure don’t miss the abuse. 

I’m not into politics but…

Whenever I read blogs or Facebook posts from people who have deemed themselves “not political,” they always start by saying something like “I usually don’t comment, I don’t like to talk about politics.” I am one of those people. In light of recent events in the good ol’ U S of A I have never seen so many sad, depressed, and just downright angry post all at once. The newly announced president elect seems not to have been the crowd favorite. Go figure. There are protest and riots disputing his qualifications for the job as well as his overall persona.

Unlike many of my associates on social media I seem to be willing to give the president elect a chance. Now, let me clearly state that I do not like the majority of the things that have come from that man’s mouth. I do not share the same views and morals that he has so openly expressed. However, he does need to be given a chance. Election Day, also referred to as “dooms day” has come and gone. The decision for him to be president has been made and will not be reversed. I for one pray and hope for his success as the 45th president. I want nothing more than for him to enter the Oval Office and do good by the American people. Our humanity and happiness as a nation depends on it.

When I watched his concession speech I did not see the same arrogant, petty and dreadful human being that I saw through the entire campaign. In my head I am allowing him to start from a clean slate. I owe that to my sanity. As a nation we deserve a fresh start and not a continuation of the hate he has projected throughout his campaign.

In his role as the new President elect he has yet to do or say anything that I disagree with. It is in me to give the man a chance in his new roll until he does.

Let me restate. I do not agree with much of what he has said. I do not agree with his views. I do not believe I share any of the same morals as he does. But I do know that he has been elected and that he will be the new commander in chief. I say give him a chance.Many people will not agree with my words and that is fine. They are entitled to their opinions. They are entitled to allow this decision to fill their hearts with hate and let it linger for the next four years. I will not. 

As an end note I would like to say that not mentioning his name throughout has been purposeful on my behalf.  

A note to a writer

I’ve always considered myself a writer. I’ve never needed anyone or anything to validate my success as a writer or my title as one. However, lately I’ve been thinking about what I could do to help improve my talent and craft. I started reading blogs and articles on how to become a better blogger and it appears to be somewhat helpful. Advice from bloggers included things like: 
1. Reference other bloggers

2. Follow other blogs and comment

3. Post frequently 

4. Post about topics that are interesting

5. Don’t forget to use tags

All of those seem pretty easy to follow because I genuinely love writing. My biggest obstacles when it comes to completing a post are time and prompt ideas. I never know exactly what I want to write about, ever! I spend a lot of time searching for topics and then grow tired and just neglect to post altogether. Time is an obstacle because of school and work and writing space. Almost all of my post come from my phone. While I’m working on getting a laptop I hate how time consuming it is for me to type a post and format it from my phone.

Hopefully, in due time I can pick up on my audience, my attention to other writers, and increasing my ideas for writing topics. Here’s to becoming a better writer!  

Crazy in love? 

Dictionary.com defines crazy as [krey-zee] 
adjective, crazier, craziest.


mentally deranged; demented; insane.


senseless; impractical; totally unsound:

a crazy scheme.

After reading a blog post from fellow blogger Jahlil Tahree I have to say that I agree with his definition of crazy but I think there’s more to it. Let me elaborate a little.

I think there is an extremely thin line between “good crazy” and stupidity. “Good Crazy” in terms of relationships is going on adventures with your partner even when they seem out of place or believing in his/her dreams even when they seem far fetched to the “normal” person. “Good crazy” for relationships could be the thoughts you have when no one is around and you even think to yourself “I’m losing my mind” but somehow your partner relates in every way. The “good crazy” in a relationship is sticking by a person because somehow life just makes more sense together.

Stupidity begins to enter that scenario when those adventures or thoughts become damaging or somehow negatively impact the relationship. For example, you shouldn’t be stuck supporting someone who has caused you to miss out on your dreams or go into debt. That’s not crazy that’s just dumb. Like I said, thin line.

Good crazy has everything to do with a person’s state of mind though. On the other hand, I think the bad crazy is a mix of state of mind and actions. Negative, destructive actions and a mind set that sees absolutely nothing wrong with them. Where’s the good in that?

I will be the first to openly say that I am crazy. In a relationship crazy is best matched with crazy. But, I’ve heard some people say there’s levels to it. Are there?