Grad School hopeful

Help Get me to grad school. I am working on finalizing my admission into grad school for human services. Help me help people. It’s that simple. Click the link and please donate. Peace. 


I am her

A rhythm so smooth a beat so perfect. The right tempo, the right flow. The sweetest melody I had ever heard. Her heart played a song so sweet. A song so angelic. I lay my head on her chest. And the beats play the song of her very existence. As I press against her, it speeds up with anticipation and excitement. I kiss her lips and with no lyrics at all that sweet love song is everything I want to hear. My heart follows and in sync they mimic one another. I am her.


Kisses like morphine. Warming my whole body and now I’m hooked on your drug. You relax me and as I lay numb to world’s pain I am forever filled with your pleasure. My first hit of you was almost too much. Bringing me to my knees with a heartbeat as fast as lightening. It was over. From then on I knew I never wanted to be sober. I chase after you because you give me that new high feeling.