I wrote a book. Check it out!

During my senior year at University my creative thesis was a new series of children’s books. I have since tossed those books to the side. I have always been passionate about the concept and ideas behind my books but until tonight I have done nothing about it. Tonight I took the initiative to publicly publish and make available my very first try at creating books.

Considering my college student budget and lack of extreme time I will say that these books could not have been more perfect. I did not use a professional illustrator and didn’t feel the need to. I didn’t go back into my originals of the book and make any changes because I’ve decided that I will add to the series. These first set of amateur books that will be available are a way for me to mark and track my progress as a writer, author, and creator.

Any support with my endeavors will be greatly appreciated! You can purchase the book from my writer page:



Two blogs, one author

I absolutely love writing I assume like everyone else that has ever written on or visited WordPress for any reason. I am not biased in the types of writing that I enjoy but I will say that my personal favorite is poetry. I recently created an additional poetry blog and created a concept to go along with it. check out fortinyelephants.wordpress.com. The purpose of the second blog is to showcase my original poetry, while the purpose of this one is just general things I wish to discuss with whomever will read them. I found that in the short two day period that I’ve had the second blog I’ve nonchalantly neglected this blog. I ceased on generating ideas and topics to even talk about. I felt bad. As if I had abandoned one of my children. How could I? Now, I’m working toward a new goal. My goal is to find balance within and for my writing. To topple between both blogs evenly. I mean words are endless and my brain never stops working (Writer’s block doesn’t count because my brain is working at that stage it’s just not organizing the thoughts to place them anywhere). Besides, who’s to say it can’t be done? 
Here’s to my two blogs!