I wrote a book. Check it out!

During my senior year at University my creative thesis was a new series of children’s books. I have since tossed those books to the side. I have always been passionate about the concept and ideas behind my books but until tonight I have done nothing about it. Tonight I took the initiative to publicly publish and make available my very first try at creating books.

Considering my college student budget and lack of extreme time I will say that these books could not have been more perfect. I did not use a professional illustrator and didn’t feel the need to. I didn’t go back into my originals of the book and make any changes because I’ve decided that I will add to the series. These first set of amateur books that will be available are a way for me to mark and track my progress as a writer, author, and creator.

Any support with my endeavors will be greatly appreciated! You can purchase the book from my writer page:



A note to a writer

I’ve always considered myself a writer. I’ve never needed anyone or anything to validate my success as a writer or my title as one. However, lately I’ve been thinking about what I could do to help improve my talent and craft. I started reading blogs and articles on how to become a better blogger and it appears to be somewhat helpful. Advice from bloggers included things like: 
1. Reference other bloggers

2. Follow other blogs and comment

3. Post frequently 

4. Post about topics that are interesting

5. Don’t forget to use tags

All of those seem pretty easy to follow because I genuinely love writing. My biggest obstacles when it comes to completing a post are time and prompt ideas. I never know exactly what I want to write about, ever! I spend a lot of time searching for topics and then grow tired and just neglect to post altogether. Time is an obstacle because of school and work and writing space. Almost all of my post come from my phone. While I’m working on getting a laptop I hate how time consuming it is for me to type a post and format it from my phone.

Hopefully, in due time I can pick up on my audience, my attention to other writers, and increasing my ideas for writing topics. Here’s to becoming a better writer!  

My first time

I’ve been long gone from both of my blogs for a good amount of time. I graduated, switched jobs, and went back to school. And while all of that was going on I managed to perform at a spoken word event, which is what this blog is centered around. 
I figured with going back to school and all the writing I’m being forced to do I should squeeze in some therapeutic writing as well. So, here I am. I’m taking a poetry course this semester and during our first session today we did a free write. You sit and write for about 5-10 mins and don’t think. You simply write what ever comes to mind with no regard for spelling or grammar. Choosing a prompt helps. 

Our prompt was : An intense feeling I had recently. Many who know me or follow this blog know I love words, reading, writing and poetry. But as I mentioned I had the wonderful opportunity to perform. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was also my first performance. Here’s my free write on that night. 

An intense experience I had recently was performing at a spoken word event. The whole hour leading to my name being called, I was nervous. My palms were sweating and I kept hoping that soon my gf and I would get up and leave. I kept listening and the more I heard from other performers the more I hated the piece I was going to perform. I didn’t feel worthy (We are all our toughest critic). After someone would finish I felt tremendous anxiety fill my being as I hoped that my name wouldn’t be next. Finally, it was. My body felt empty but heavy and the room was silent. I recited my Instagram name the way I had practice and said “follow me”. first line of my piece and the rest effortlessly spilled from my lips with the most emotion I had ever felt. The crowd was snapping and whispering and the moment was euphoric and orgasmic. The last line was spoken and I felt as light as a feather. MY LEGS WERE SPAGHETTI BUT IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING. ALMOST ROMANTIC. I can’t wait for the next date. I had never recanted that night on paper and as I wrote it those same shifts in weighted feelings and energy came back to me. Body hot and fiery! 

Once we reach the time limit we were asked to choose 1-2 lines that stuck out to us. That would be the above words in all caps. The goal is to combine everyone’s stand out lines into a poem which the professor will jumble and hand back to us so that we can create a poem of our own. A “found” poem. This exercise was awesome. Because looking at that line alone is poetry to me. I think I could really make this a daily thing. 

Nice catching up. Until next time… Peace

“Hard copy or paper back”

Technology has kicked this generation into overdrive. It has given us the ability to download and read books and take them with us wherever we are. Our phones, computers, and tablets are now digital libraries that possess any and every literary piece the mind can imagine. In our palms we are able to hold what past generations could only dream of. With the click of a button you can own any book. Type a category, theme, genre, or author and the possibilities and accuracy are amazing! 
Sitting in the dark late at night squinting through the pages of your favorite novel are a thing of the past. iBook for Mac and iPhone have automatic light sensors that determine the light in your surrounding area and the screen will dim or brighten itself accordingly while simultaneously adjusting the background to word color. No more knocking over side dresser lamps. No more keeping your spouse awake. No longer will you forget your book mark and lose your place. Never will you have to worry about lending out your favorite book only for it to never be returned. 
But, something is missing! In the midst of all this technological excitement something has gone terribly wrong! There’s no connection between the reader and the actual book. I’m old fashion. I feel great satisfaction turning the last page to a book when I’m finished reading. There’s something about the way the pages feel between my thumb and index finger that engages me more with what I’m actually reading. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried the digital thing and maybe my attention span is too short but when on my phone or tablet I find myself drifting off into other things. When I make the decision to read a book and I have the physical copy in my hand I know that one, I’m reading for enjoyment and two, I have the time to read and I’m not letting anything distract me. Also, I feel a more personal connection to the authors when I read physically printed books, I enjoy reading the reviews that line the pages before the chapters begin and I also enjoy the back cover that details the author’s life and success.
Books, writing and words all inspire and excite me. So, the only question I really care about when it comes to reading is “hard cover or paper back?”