Money for memories 

This past weekend I found myself in the mall admiring and buying expensive memories. My partner recently celebrated a birthday and I wanted to gift her some jewelry that would not only mark the new age but show my appreciation to her. As we walked past the casings of diamond, gold and silver most of it seemed reasonably priced.

But I found myself hopelessly gasping at the prices for the gifts that were specifically listed as memory collections. There were your typical lockets, rings, and charm bracelets. Anything gold ran well over $1200 dollars. I started realizing that people are paying $100 for a single charm or clip to a bracelet. All of this money in the name of love, family, friendship and memories.

People often say that when something comes to an end whether it be relationships, friendships or a life, all we have left are the memories. Those memories aren’t always good memories but the ones that are we like to preserve though keep sakes.

Is there a limit to what we’ll spend? Personally I have a limit. The memories I want to keep are embedded into my mind. I don’t need anything materialistic to remind me. It’s nice but not necessary. I would much rather take the money and spend it on new memories. That being said I’ll probably be taking my partner on a trip for her next birthday so that we can make new memories that we’ll both be able to hold on to and keep. 


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