One Nation Under Black

Often we refer to our second coming or our second wind as the rebirth. We constantly hear about how something needs to be remade or redone. This weekend I saw ‘The Birth Of A Nation’ and indeed it did reflect what so many of us know and what so many others wish to deny. A nation built by the ancestors of our brothers and sisters. A nation that reflects the true Queen and King status of each and every one of us. 

As brothers and sister we stand side by side with one another and face to face with adversity. 

She bore us all. Brown skin of all shades, strong bones and tough hair. Kings and Queens from birth. We built and grew a land all our own. We had become one with our land and others grew jealous. With force and weapons they stole what has always been ours. With shackles upon our feet and whips across our backs we continued to preserve and make beautiful the land that they said did not belong to us. Slavery was determined to be a weakening of the black mind, body, and spirit. But not all. Some ran through dark forests and swam through treacherous waters to escape the devastation that had fallen upon them and their families. Running not only for freedom but for inspiration. With the intent to encourage others to see that hope is as real as night and day. She bore us. And with our birth came the birth of a nation. We need not be reborn for we have always existed.  


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