I’m not into politics but…

Whenever I read blogs or Facebook posts from people who have deemed themselves “not political,” they always start by saying something like “I usually don’t comment, I don’t like to talk about politics.” I am one of those people. In light of recent events in the good ol’ U S of A I have never seen so many sad, depressed, and just downright angry post all at once. The newly announced president elect seems not to have been the crowd favorite. Go figure. There are protest and riots disputing his qualifications for the job as well as his overall persona.

Unlike many of my associates on social media I seem to be willing to give the president elect a chance. Now, let me clearly state that I do not like the majority of the things that have come from that man’s mouth. I do not share the same views and morals that he has so openly expressed. However, he does need to be given a chance. Election Day, also referred to as “dooms day” has come and gone. The decision for him to be president has been made and will not be reversed. I for one pray and hope for his success as the 45th president. I want nothing more than for him to enter the Oval Office and do good by the American people. Our humanity and happiness as a nation depends on it.

When I watched his concession speech I did not see the same arrogant, petty and dreadful human being that I saw through the entire campaign. In my head I am allowing him to start from a clean slate. I owe that to my sanity. As a nation we deserve a fresh start and not a continuation of the hate he has projected throughout his campaign.

In his role as the new President elect he has yet to do or say anything that I disagree with. It is in me to give the man a chance in his new roll until he does.

Let me restate. I do not agree with much of what he has said. I do not agree with his views. I do not believe I share any of the same morals as he does. But I do know that he has been elected and that he will be the new commander in chief. I say give him a chance.Many people will not agree with my words and that is fine. They are entitled to their opinions. They are entitled to allow this decision to fill their hearts with hate and let it linger for the next four years. I will not. 

As an end note I would like to say that not mentioning his name throughout has been purposeful on my behalf.  


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