Since you’ve been gone my sense of security no longer exist. Lacking, not here, disappearing acts in a sense. But what sense does it make to hold on to something that is already gone? That’s non sense. You see it makes no sense at all is what they tell me but who asked for their two cents. Trying to make good out of a bad situation or rather make a dollar out of 15 cents. 

See I could go on but with each mention of you the aroma grows strong

I smell you when I think of you such a sweet scent. You were an angel something like heaven sent. But the truth is we were never good and this was never meant

I was stuck in a fantasy and you were something that I dreamt

Memories of you you linger cause you’re tied to every sense 

Can’t get you back so now I reminisce.

Small parts of you still around, remnants. 


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