Smiling faces and burning buildings
Excited children and ash covered skies

Seemed as if no one understood except her and I

The teacher speaking through tears

“Something very bad has happened”

A muffled voice on the loud speaker repeated the announcement

They didn’t understand but I did

They didn’t know it then but they do now

Early dismissal was prayed for faithfully by us 5thgraders

But I didn’t want to leave school once I saw buildings burning in my home town

I wasn’t there but family was

An aunt that became house stricken

A cousin with depression

And a Muslim child growing up in a hateful world

It wasn’t me, wasn’t anyone I knew

But my head is covered so I must be punished

My dad tried to explain but I already knew

We were to be judged and pointed at

The same ashes that covered that city sky

Still cover the eyes of so many who see us as terror

Cover the eyes of so many people with hate

There’s no escape.

I can’t forget 

They won’t let me



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