“Hard copy or paper back”

Technology has kicked this generation into overdrive. It has given us the ability to download and read books and take them with us wherever we are. Our phones, computers, and tablets are now digital libraries that possess any and every literary piece the mind can imagine. In our palms we are able to hold what past generations could only dream of. With the click of a button you can own any book. Type a category, theme, genre, or author and the possibilities and accuracy are amazing! 
Sitting in the dark late at night squinting through the pages of your favorite novel are a thing of the past. iBook for Mac and iPhone have automatic light sensors that determine the light in your surrounding area and the screen will dim or brighten itself accordingly while simultaneously adjusting the background to word color. No more knocking over side dresser lamps. No more keeping your spouse awake. No longer will you forget your book mark and lose your place. Never will you have to worry about lending out your favorite book only for it to never be returned. 
But, something is missing! In the midst of all this technological excitement something has gone terribly wrong! There’s no connection between the reader and the actual book. I’m old fashion. I feel great satisfaction turning the last page to a book when I’m finished reading. There’s something about the way the pages feel between my thumb and index finger that engages me more with what I’m actually reading. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried the digital thing and maybe my attention span is too short but when on my phone or tablet I find myself drifting off into other things. When I make the decision to read a book and I have the physical copy in my hand I know that one, I’m reading for enjoyment and two, I have the time to read and I’m not letting anything distract me. Also, I feel a more personal connection to the authors when I read physically printed books, I enjoy reading the reviews that line the pages before the chapters begin and I also enjoy the back cover that details the author’s life and success.
Books, writing and words all inspire and excite me. So, the only question I really care about when it comes to reading is “hard cover or paper back?”


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