Welcome back! 

It’s been a few moons since I last wrote anything. No poems, short stories, or quotes of my own. I haven’t read anything. A few new things have occurred in this life O mine. I’ll be graduating from Community College on Saturday. I brought my first car. And I’m looking to start a family. It’s all very exciting! With a break from school looking very promising, I’m looking forward to writing my children’s books, reading, blogging, and looking for employment in my field. Being as though I’ve completed this blog and purchased a new book, the hardest part of these tasks appears to be finding work. The work force isn’t what they make it seem at all when you finish a portion of secondary education. It’s looking like I’ll go get a BA and that will still put me in line for a mediocre position. Not very optimistic about it yet. I will say that I’m happy about the new Toni Morrison book, happy to be graduating, and happy to be entering back into the wonderful world of literature. I’ve been floating effortlessly on the outskirts hoping that I would find the time and courage to write again. The time has come. 


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