An offer I couldn’t refuse

An offer I couldn’t refuse

I work for one of the top rental car companies in the nation. I only had the job last year for about three weeks when I got into my car accident. I was gone for about 4 months and even though they were not obligated to, they held my position. When I was cleared to begin working again I knew for sure I would be going back there. I somewhat felt like I owed them something.

When I got back new positions throughout the company started to open up and some of them I was qualified for. They would count as a promotion and the pay rate was significantly higher than what I was currently making. And as a broke college student who am I to turn down more money? I went on two interviews, the first position had great hours and fantastic pay, I really wanted it. I found out the day of the interview that one missed question caused me not to get the job. I was pretty downed about it.
The other interview was less than a week later and it was working at a much larger branch but one that had not received the best reviews from people who worked there. I was already biased.

I went on the interview and the atmosphere at the place was not something I thought I could adapt to. Then, the pay rate and the schedule. Everything was even more perfect than I could have imagined. If fit with my school schedule and I would be learning way more in the company work in this position. I was hesitant because it was a ways from home and I wasn’t sure I would have a car by the time I started.

The day after the interview, I got the call. Needless to say I took the position. Still working it until this day and I’ve just gotten my first raise. What can I say? They made me an offer I just couldn’t refuse.


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