Go for broke.

I’ve always wanted to feel like I was a part of some type of writing community or association. But every time I felt like my work was worthy to be put out into the world, I would Google clubs and organizations and find that you have to pay for memberships. BOOM! My dreams of belonging as a writer were shattered. I played this little game with the writing community for a couple of years and mostly during my college courses that encouraged me to show my stuff. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Today I joined two blogging sites. I made my profile, connected it to my social networks and email etc. Read the tutorials, watched the videos. I basically played it by the book. I even made it around to contributing two posts.

When I got to the point where it was time for me to explore the blogs of others, I was skeptical. As a writer, I’m always conscious of my intake of other people’s work. I enjoy my own style and don’t wish for anyone else to rub off on me. That being said, I just started scanning for about 5-10 mins. Titles and pictures and tags.

Finally I thought, if I’m going to do this I have to go all in. So, I did. I started reading. I was an hour in before I stopped. The result was something magical in me. I finally felt a part of something. I finally felt at home. I felt ok to share my work with such great writers and creative minds. The monstrosity of ideas and stories and poetry was AMAZING. Who would have thought all these things had always been available to me? And for free?

I’m glad to have been recommended to blogging. I’m glad to feel comfortable in this pool full of writers. And most of all I’m glad to be embarking on this much needed journey that I feel I’ve searched high and low for.

*I am in no way shaming those who choose to pay for writing memberships but as a broke college student (which I will continue to mention) it’s not for me right now. *


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