Where’s the money in that?

When I was 20 and realized that I was having set backs in life and would possibly not be graduating with my 2012 class, I started looking for my “calling in life.” Something to get me the same benefits as a degree but with less effort and less time. At 23 and a half I realized that comparing yourself to your peers and those around you is a terrible way to live. You have to do what it is that YOU want and that YOU are passionate about. I decided that I’m going to chase any and every dream I have. I’ve always been a writer. But the older I get the more I realized that there’s no real money in my field, unless you strike it big! So, for me, a broke college student, striking it big seems unlikely, at least right now. So, my plan? Polish my craft as carefully and as much as I possibly can through blogs and independent projects. In the mean time, I’ll make money in every way possible. Ive had some interesting job offers that could very well turn into careers but I feel like I’m subconsciously holding out for my passion. I find myself accepting almost every offer in hopes that the well paying salary will be enough to drive me into the arms of passion for that field and eventually I’ll be happy with what I can get. But that’s just wishful thinking. And this is turning into an unexpected rant. Peace be with you all.


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